Inspiring Reunion Of Sad Mama Dog With Her Lost Puppies

In early June 2016, Rachel received a text message about a litter of seven puppies who were in need of help. She owns and operates a local dog rescue organisation in South Africa Called Sidewalk Specials.

Their owner wasn’t able to take care of them and agreed to surrender the seven puppies, but not their mom. When Rachel picked up the puppies, she saw that they were in terrible condition and needed to save the mother dog before it was too late.

After many ifs and buts she ended up rescuing the mother that was dehydrated and depressed. After they took her to the vet, the dog was given a 50/50 chance of survival.The mom spent the day on an IV drip, and then the rescuers had a surprise for her.


All seven puppies and their mom were taken in by a foster family so that they could be together while they recovered. On video below you will see that a few of the puppies got adopted separately, and two got adopted together But they aren’t all adopted! Three of them still need homes…

Watch the inspiring reunion below:


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