Woman Spots Her Dogs Sleeping and Films Hilarious Surprise


There were five dogs in bed and the little one said… :)) How do I get my dog to use its doghouse?’ is a question that commonly crops up on pet forums.

But Gretchen Hoey from Bellingham, Washington, clearly has no problem getting her brood of basset hounds to use their kennel, as she reveals in a hilarious home video. They are so packed in it’s like they are creating their own funny version of a clown car! WATCH!

Quote of the day:

“We’ve all been there: taking a good walk to relax, and suddenly we see a dog-and immediately feel better. Any time is a great time to celebrate dogs,but living in a society where all people don’t share the same liking and kindness toward our little friends makes it hard to protect them. Dogs do help us a lot not only by staying in our side forever but giving us health benefits too by relieving stress, strengthening our heart etc. But most important dogs are there when others aren’t. Isn’t this a reason to celebrate them everyday and fight for their well-being and against animal abuse?”

In just 18 seconds, this keeps getting funnier and funnier! 😂💞

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