Poor Snowflake Is Abandoned, Soaking Wet On A Frigid Doorstep – The Door Suddenly Opens

Abandoned animals don’t deserve their horrid fates.

It’s not their fault that they’re homeless; it’s not their fault that nobody wanted them.

And yet, they suffer terribly, especially when they’re so very young and helpless. Just ask Snowflake, an adorable shar pei mix, who was found living behind a dumpster in Bakersfield, California.

The poor little thing was only five weeks old and the person who found her … well, that individual obviously had no affinity for animals.

The person tried to sell Snowflake online for $10!

That didn’t work out, however, so this callous individual decided to simply leave Snowflake on a neighbor’s doorstep.

So, there the poor pooch was, soaked to the skin and frightened to death, wondering what new nightmares awaited her. It was just such an awful way to start a life!

However, at perhaps Snowflake’s lowest moment, the door behind her opened…

And the homeowner quickly knelt and scooped up the scared pup; he then went inside and called Amanda Brooks, adoption coordinator for Marley’s Mutts.

She ran right over and checked out the little tyke; Snowflake wasn’t in good condition, unfortunately. She was malnourished and dehydrated, and her body temperature was much too low.

The next step was to bring her over to Andrea Bertolucci, a veterinary advisor for Marley’s Mutts. That’s when Snowflake finally got the treatment she needed, and rapidly began to improve.

It was the first time this adorable furry baby felt love and respect in this world!

And now, thanks to a homeowner who wasn’t about to ignore her, and the good people at Marley’s Mutts, she has a chance at a bright future.

Snowflake is already doing much better and living in a foster home, with a new canine friend named Massie. Massie is like a mother to Snowflake, and the two are just inseparable!

The puppy who once knew only fear and coldness is having a great time, and she’ll be ready for adoption in less than a month.

Here’s hoping her life just keeps getting better and better from here on out! 🙂

Poor little Snowflake was born behind a dumpster, then left on a doorstep in the cold rain. Her life was going nowhere fast…but amazingly, the door behind her opened and all of a sudden everything changed.

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