Abandoned Dog Gets The Hug He’s Been Waiting A Lifetime For

This Pit Bull, later named Duncan, was found after he was abandoned on someone’s porch in Georgia after Hurricane Irma pounded the state. The poor pup was covered in wounds. His rescuers believe he was either used as a bait dog or attacked by other dogs on the streets. He had no way of defending himself due to a severe overbite.

After Duncan’s rescue, he was brought to Lifeline Animal Project, an animal shelter in Atlanta. There he finally received the hugs he’s been desperately craving. With proper medical care and tons of affection, Duncan has made enormous strides.

When the shelter manager, Sarah Rosenberg, met Duncan for the first time, she was amazed by how happy he was to see her. He wagged his tail like crazy then went in for a giant hug, resting his head on Rosenberg’s shoulder. To finally feel safe was such a relief to a dog that had obviously been through tremendous trauma.

It’s amazing how dogs, like Duncan, can be so mistreated then trust humans once again. It takes tremendous strength to forgive. Duncan is such an inspiration! Watch Duncan’s story below!

UPDATE: Duncan has found his forever family! Watch his freedom ride below!

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