Abandoned puppy found locked in her cage and left in the freezing rain!

When someone finds themselves in a position where they can no longer realistically care for their pet, it’s a tough but ultimately reasonable choice to give the animal away to another family or to a shelter. So that they can get the care they deserve.
What’s never okay is to simply abandon a pet, yet each and every day hundreds of animals are tossed out into the world with little or no way to fend for themselves. In these cases, the rest of us need to step up.

Take the what happened to little Mississippi puppy Melanie. Workers at the Tunica Humane Society found her abandoned in field, locked in her cage, soaked and freezing. But their work gave this little pup a new lease on life!

Workers at the Tunica County, Mississippi Humane Society were shocked to get a call about a puppy trapped in her cage that had abandoned in a field off of a rural road.

When they got there they found the pup shivering and soaked from the previous night’s storm. She had bite marks all over her body and it was obvious that she was extremely malnourished.

They wrapped up the poor frightened pup, whom they named Melanie, and took her back to the Humane Society, where she got a nice warm bath and something to eat.

The frustrating part for the workers was that Tunica County is very small, and nearly everybody knows everybody else. Somebody they knew had mistreated this dog, but they couldn’t pinpoint just who it was…

After a puppy Melanie was cleaned up and fed, the previously timid dog perked right up and showed her warm, loving personality, melting all the workers’ hearts!

The day after she was rescued, the Humane Society arranged for Melanie to be temporarily fostered by Elizabeth Tucker; who had taken in animals for the organization before; and who they knew would give the puppy the love she needed.

The Tunica Humane Society is still working on figuring out who abandoned Melanie in such a cruel way.

But in the meantime the sweet little pup is being well taken care of. They’re working on finding her a permanent home!

Thank goodness someone spotted Melanie out in that field and let the right people know! Hopefully she gets the forever home she deserves soon!

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