Saved From Puppy Mill, He Is Excited To Have His New Bed For The Very First Time

Freddie The Chihuahua has known only wire cage for this past nine years.

He was being held in a cage for his entire life for breeding purposes and never what is like to have a family of his own. After breeding so many puppies which he never met, his breeder decided to get rid of him because he was too old to breed anymore.

Two weeks ago, in weekend National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR) rescued Freddie and 34 other dogs from a puppy mill in Midwest, where many of large breeding operations are located.

Like many dogs that are rescued for puppy mills Freddie was shy at first contact, but not after log time he started to embrace kisses and cuddles.

“Life in a cage takes a heavy toll on dogs, both physically and emotionally,” Theresa Strader, founder of NMDR, told The Dodo. “Many of our dogs require extensive rehabilitation before they are ready to become family members, [but] Freddie certainly has a resilient spirit. He is a spunky little guy.”

When Freddie was given the first bed that`s the moment he started to shine.

“It’s heartbreaking to realize they have been denied the very basics until now,” Strader said.

When Strader first stepped into Freddie`s pen, she placed the bed into the floor and Freddie simply looked at it.

She placed Freddie into the bed and he immediately started jumping and snuggling into it.

Because of not dental care his entire life, Freddie was missing all of his teeth, at that`s why attempts to chew his was adorable.

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“Freddie loved his bed immediately,” Strader said. “Other dogs can be more cautious and have no idea what a soft bed is for, but they learn very quickly. Freddie snuggled in from the beginning, like he knew that this was just one of many perks he will experience [now].”

Now Freddie is looking for a new home, staffers don`t think that this would be long since people already started to apply for his adoption.

But until then, Freddie is enjoying his new bed and greeting everyone he meets.

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